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Welcome to...

 I am known as The Dreamer, here in the fantastical land of Destiny. Where our 6 Celestial Realms reside, the power of Sun and Stars alike. And we, dear Reader, are in trouble...

In the year 2020, just like your world we were hit by our own Nightmares.... Ones which twisted the very tapestry of Destiny... The Dream of lasting connections, beautiful communities - which we had built over aeons - fell away from us, in a flash of darkness... Each Realm, experiencing their own unique difficulties, such as the horrors of civil war, warping of the natural world, and shadowy fiends from the darkness beneath...
But... The Dream could never die, not while we still held breath... So we each dug deep, working with our powerful animal friends, to break the shackles which began to bind us to our doom. And, with the aid of our Celestial Powers too, truly magical energy, we broke free...
But not without confusion and great loss... Our Powers, posing us the ultimate conundrum - were these not merely the solution, but the very cause of our strife? Many characters and animals, falling away from us... Each wiling away the days in our spiritual plane, the 'Soulverse'... Each in great pain, requiring someone truly special to rouse them from their inner strife...
Someone special... Like you...
So we reached out, from across the stars themselves, to your world... Earth... To find beautiful souls like you, magical and true. Traversed the corridors of cyberspace, the world wide web, to find you.
You, a being of bright hope in our darker hour. A beacon of light, taking the torch of SoulQuest and moving forth to help form new friendships, restore our fallen and create the most magical community imaginable...

In light of what you have gifted us, this, is what we gift you... 3 Exclusive Rewards as part of 'Earlybird' membership:


Standard Membership is free for you, forever! This allows you to send unlimited messages, access all Realms with the corresponding Power, and much more. We hope you enjoy your forever stay with us <3


Forged in the fires of our Magical Campfire, this celestial gift permits the wearer a portion of all 6 epic powers... From Sunlight to Starbright... The Guardians of each Realm, bow down at your humble majesty, permitting access to each and every Realm in Destiny... 

Premium features are yours to enjoy for the foreseeable future! 

Please note, without Earthly resources to fuel its energies, The Crown of Destiny's power wanes over time. Until then, freely enjoy the following features:




In sync, a number of features within our Magical Campfire are open for you right now...

  • Carousel, where all the newest activity is shown!
  • Posts, where you can share your magical interests + tag followers!
  • Write on Walls, to spark new friendships!
  • Followers, auto-assigned to match your vibe!
  • Missives, sent by our Characters to you!
  • Quests, ready for you to start Levelling Up!


500 Coin is now yours! A big thank you for believing in us, and helping to restore our magical world. <3

In addition, you've auto-received one of 6 Magical Gemstones, depending on your Power. Each Gemstone attracts Animal Spirits from our spiritual plane!

Sun Stone for Tiger, Monkey & more!

Earth Stone for Horse, Stag & more!

Sky Stone for Hawk, Falcon & more!

Moon Stone for Frog, Bat & more!

Star Stone for Panther, Starfish & more!

Rainbow Stone for Pegasus, Deer & more!

Please note: Sadly these animal spirits are still saddled with great pain, requiring the help of Characters to heal them. Each Character thus requests a small portion of Coin in kind.

In addition:

  • Coin is currently 50% off!
  • Spend Coin on any potion today, and you receive an additional potion free!
    • Try Sun Tonic to boost your presence in Sun Search!
    • Consume Sky Potion to turn Invisible when viewing profiles! 

We hope you enjoy your stay in our magical lands. For any questions or help, you can visit the:

  • Guide, which will be updated as new features appear
  • FAQ, coming soon!
  • Updates, which lists all new features as well as known technical issues (which we seek to resolve asap)
  • Live Chat, to speak directly with one of our fantastical characters!* *Staffed by Jamie, CEO and Moderator

Bright blessings to you,

Jamie a.k.a.


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