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Welcome to SoulQuest! You've taken the first step into a truly dating site, where...

  • SUPERPOWERS give you real benefits to your dating experience!
  • You can unlock new features as you LEVEL UP!
  • You can send your superhero sidekick to break the ice for you using SIDEKICK msgs!
  • You can find your match easily using an innovative MATCHMAKING system!
  • You can chat with likeminded people in our COMMUNITY areas!You can enjoy many features for FREE - or upgrade for very low cost with free site credits!

You may be a gamer, geek, cosplayer, larper, sci-fi, fantasy-lover - just like us! Or you may simply be looking for an innovative & fun dating experience. You've come to the right place.

This then, is the start of the Level Up! Walkthrough: Part 1. Here we cover 5 key features, full of invaluable info & tips to help you maximise your experience with us!

Ready to go? Click START now!


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