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iii. Characters & Quests

Onwards, to discover more about Characters & Quests, exclusive to each realm

There are 25+ characters scattered throughout your journey:

  • 20 characters can be found in the 5 Realms (4 in each realm)
  • 5 characters harbour near the Campfire (1 from each realm)

Each has up to 3 key roles:

1. Teachers of new abilities

Some characters are ready to teach you new skills and abilities during your journey. These characters can be found around the Campfire on the map, ready to help questors from any Guild at a moment's notice.

  • The Artist - With her '' ability, the artist wields her palette of rich creativity. Quick to share her creative skills, she provides a direct link between her creative mind and the 5 Realms. Questors can access this link via the Canva button.
  • The Knight - With his 'Knightly Vow' ability, the knight is ever-ready to defend questors from those who have yet to verify their identity. As such, if an Unverified questor attempts to contact you, The Knight intervenes, politely guiding them to verify their identity first
  • The Mage - With her ' Sighting Ships' ability, the mage can channel complex insights into your mind regarding a potential friendship between you both. As a result, the mage unlocks access to the Ship button on profiles, so when clicked you're whisked away to discover your 'ship compatibility
  • The Bard - With her 'Tales of the 'Gram' ability, the bard is the link between the world of the 'Gram and the 5 Realms, acting as the intermediary for spreading tales far and wide. As such, she allows questors to view & share their Instagram feeds
  • The Fool - With his' ' ability, the fool breaks the 4th wall with his charm and effortlessness. Imbued with the power of spontaneity and new adventure, he allows questors to access any Realm at the drop of a hat. To do so, questors can switch their Primary Power with any of the 5 powers, at any point

2. Keeper of Features

Those characters which reside within their corresponding Realm spend much of their time as 'Keepers' of a specific feature. Where visible, they're simply there to introduce you to that feature, with simple hints & tips too. This includes:

  • The Warrioress - leader of the Sun Guild
  • The Town Planner - creator of new Earth Polls
  • The Wizard - shapes & sells new magical items in the Sky Shop
  • The Priestess - resides over the Moon Calendar
  • The Oracle - weaves new magickal wares in the Star Shop

3. Completing Quests

Many characters request aid of some kind. These take the form of 'Quests', and are typically beneficial to help rebuild our 5 Realms. These characters tend to make their quests as simple and achievable as possible, to help maximise the chances of success.

Some examples of Quests include: 

  • The Traveller - "Every day there is much to see! Simply revisit the Campfire thhis day and see what new curiosities lie in store" 
  • The Knight - "I kindly request you send a Letter today to a questor of your choosing, to help reknit connections across the Earth Realm" 
  • The Visionary - "Will you kindly help my vision come to pass? Comment in the Forums today to encourage thriving communication across the skies"  
  • The Druid - "Send a Moon Spirit as your animal guide, helping you forge a sparkling new friendship"
  • The Astromancer - "Discover how your star signs connect you to a bright friendship... Then send a Star Gift to seal it"

Quests may change often depending on the individual needs of the Characters, so for the current list please visit your Profile

By completing Quests, you receive Xperience Points (XP), and by obtaining 100 XP you gain +1 Level (LVL). 

By ascending up through the Levels, starting from LVL.1, questors can then gain 2 major benefits:

  • Extra Powers and thereby access new Realms & features
  • Extra Coin from your primary Guild as a token of their appreciation for your efforts

The current level tiers for accessing Powers and Coin are:

  • Level 10 grants +1 Power and +100 Coin
  • Level 25 grants +1 Power and +250 Coin
  • Level 50 grants +1 Power and +500 Coin
  • Level 75 grants +1 Power and +1000 Coin
  • Level 100 grants a mystery bonus...

4. Instant Helpers - Last but not least, if you have any questions or need a hand during their waking hours one of 2 characters will be on hand to help you, and many more may join them...

  • The Dreamer - helped dream our Realms into being
  • The Mystic - helped imbue our Realms with pure magic

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