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iv. Search & Connect

To help you discover ever-deeper connections with others, there are 5 different ways to find likeminded souls on the site. 

1. Sun Search - A quick & easy way to find other questors, as you can search by age, location and gender. Most significantly, you can also search by Primary Power, which typically represents the energies around that questor, whether it be:

  • Sun
  • Earth

2. Earth Rankings - You can search for questors based on how they rank according to 5 key statistics:

  • Experience (XP) - their progress through the Quests
  • Heart (HP) - the number of Hearts they've received, representing expansive, heart-centred energies from others
  • Magic (MP) - the number of magical items they've acquired, gifted or consumed   
  • Warding (WP) - the number of Gemstones they've received, representing protective energies from others 
  • Stars (SP) - how many Stars they've received, representing admiration from others

3. Sky Match - The most advanced way of finding compatible traits between you and another member, open for both SoulQuest and LoveQuest. You can see:

  • How many compatible traits you share (#)
  • Strength of match (determined by #): Potential, Fair, Strong, Deep, Soul
  • What these compatible traits are

4. Moon Blogs - An especially deep way to find likeminded souls. By expressing your inner self to likeminded Moon questors, you'll be open to receiving new messages and beautiful new connections

5. Star 'Ships - Here you can compare your Star Sign (Sun) with any questor's sun sign. You can then gain an idea as to how these energies typically interact. If this resonates with you, there's the option of sending a Star Gift to that questor.

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