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"Our Realm has seen soul-deep pain like no other, but we still cling on to the dream... The dream where deep friendships reign supreme once more, and our spirit of our community is restored, healed after heartache. We are but a fragment of what our Map suggests, but with your help, we can feel the magic flow through our souls once again" - The Warden


Welcome ethereal being. I am the Guardian of the Moon Realm

Whether you selected Moon Power or another, enjoy a number of ethereal features today with the power of your Crown of Destiny. Many more will be introduced as we continue rebuilding our Realm, but for now you have access to the following:


with The Moon~Sister











"I feel a connection, you and I... Like the Moon and Tides, we complement one another... Your moonlit quest, my moonlit voice... Hear my song, as you float through our magical Realm, and beyond... - The Moon~Sister

Switch to Moon Power, and you can hear sweet moonlit melodies play. Hear these anywhere, wherever you may be, as you traverse the world of Destiny. Sang by The Moon~Sister*.


"In the shadows I dwell, watching over the pathways to your homely sanctuary... Anyone whom traverses your home is under my watch, capturing power signatures as well as their magical identity. What I can divulge from the darkness, depends on whether you wield the magical Crown..." - The Waywatcher

View who has visited your profile, and vice-versa.


Look out for Updates as we reveal more of our Moon-blessed Realm...

Converse soon,


*Music courtesy of Ghosthack.


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